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Loans 101: What you need to know.


What About My Credit?

  • Checking your credit scores before applying for any loan is a smart strategy. Once you know where your credit stands you can avoid applying for loans whose requirements you are unlikely to meet.
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Is a Loan a Good Idea for Me?

  • Be sure that there is room in your budget to afford the new monthly loan payment before you borrow. 
  • Compare interest rates and fees before accepting a loan offer so you can be aware of the true cost ahead of time.
  • When used wisely, a loan can be used as a money-saving tool. For example, you can use a new loan to pay off higher interest rate debt (i.e. credit cards, etc.).

Consolidation Loans

  • Consolidate debts  into one, single loan.
  • Plan to get out of debt faster and potentially save money with a lower interest rate.
  • Up to $35,000 available.